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PowerSchool Health Customization

PS comes with a built-in suite of tools for tracking student immunizations, certifications, office visits, and screenings. They are very easy to use for reporting on a per-student basis, but "out of the box," they are difficult to use for reporting/searching on your entire student population.

I can help you set up these systems for your district, and install and configure several freely-available reports and customizations including sqlReports, Easy Vaccine Engine, and ReportWorks reports so that you can more effectively use these tools for aggregate reporting, identifying students missing vaccines, etc.

Mac lab automatic updating

Scenario: You have a fleet of Macintosh computers used by students and faculty. For obvious reasons, your students (and perhaps your faculty) don't have administrator access on these machines. So, every time there's a new update for Flash, Java, Chrome, Firefox, Office, or the OS itself, you and your staff (if you have staff!) must apply those updates with your elevated privileges. Same story if you want to install new software midyear.

There are a multitude of third-party tools available for managing Macs, but many of them are extraordinarily expensive, or require a discouraging degree of server/administrative overhead to implement. If you can provide a computer running a vanilla Apache web server instance, I can help you set up an automatic software update/self-service delivery system for your Macs, using combination of *completely free* tools including Munki and AutoPkg.

GSuite management on a shoestring

Scenario: You need to move, suspend, or otherwise manipulate a large number of accounts, and you'd rather not do the task one at a time via the G Suite admin interface. 

I can help you set up GAM (Google Apps Manager), a free tool for managing your Google Apps domain from the command line. It has powerful features for working with spreadsheets and is scriptable from anything that can run on Unix (or Windows, but my experience is on Linux and Mac OS X.) At my previous district, I created a dead-simple webpage form to request the new user's first name, last name, and which OU and group to put them into; it automatically generated the properly-formatted email address and a password. and it checked for (and rejected) any invalid characters like apostrophes or spaces; and it required the technician to choose an OU and group. The resulting submitted form them used PHP for the validation, which in turn used gam to actually create the account with the proper parameters. Technicians never "forgot" to add a new user to the proper group/OU again. 


How to print from an iPad

Printing Management 

Is printing out of control in your school? I can help you set up a centralized CUPS print server on Linux to log user names and document names so you have an audit trail — with no licensing costs at all. 

Want more? Try the well-supported and affordable PaperCut system. I can help you set up authenticated printing from any device (even Chromebooks), with the option to enforce rules related to copy count, page count, duplex/color, and more. I can help you set up release stations such that when a user sends a print job, it gets held until the user taps “release” on a station next to the printer; if they don’t do that within an hour, the job disappears — helping save paper and toner in situations where young students routinely send print jobs to the wrong printer…repeatedly. 

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