Who I Recommend

Below are a few resellers, consultants, or other like-minded types that I've worked with in the past, and who I would recommend to others without reservation.
None of them asked to be featured here. That's partly why they're featured here.

Fast and personal service + sales from knowledgeable staff about all manner of I.T. things, including but not limited to: HP computers, ProCurve networking gear, Chromebooks, Microsoft licensing, VMWare.

My favorite source for RAM, hard drives (SSDs and spinning drives), enclosures, etc. Pricing that's competitive with the big names, service like a mom 'n pop outfit. Shipping to northern New England is almost instantaneous.

Are you contemplating a major network upgrade/modification? New wifi? New firewall? New switches? These guys know the "best of breed" systems inside and out. Experts in Aruba/HPE, Palo Alto, Juniper, ProCurve, and more.

Scott Salvidio is “The Guru” for anything related to Mac management stuff: OpenDirectory, MCX/Workgroup Manager, Profiles, munki, Active Directory integration, networking, security, and more.

Steve Ligett is singlehandedly responsible for the functional wired and wireless networks of countless rural schools of NH and VT. He's a versatile and knowledgeable consultant, well-versed in data networks, Macs, Linux, iPads, PowerSchool, VMWare, printing...nearly everything.

Want your PowerSchool instance hosted offsite, but not with PowerSchool? Need a really intricate report card customization? Looking for help, advice, or moral support for any and all things PowerSchool? Look no further.

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